Character Descriptions and Audition Scenes​

If you would like to audition but are unable to attend one of the open call events,  CLICK HERE for self tape auditIon instructions.



JACK BROWN: MALE, 25-35 yrs old, AFRICAN AMERICAN. ((MUST have strong experience with horses/riding horses) Hardworking and a deeply thoughtful man who is unflinchingly loyal. A man of patience, but cross him or his friends and you will pay a costly price. LEAD


GRANNY VICEY: FEMALE, 65-75 yrs old, NATIVE AMERICAN. Granny Vicey is one of those old souls that seems to have been around forever, having stored in her memory remedies, wisdom, and advice for just about any situation. STRONG SUPPORTING

JESSE CHISHOLM: MALE, 55-65, NATIVE AMERICAN/CAUCASIAN (mixed race). Jesse is a mixed-blood Cherokee fur trader and frontiersman, a man who has lived an extremely rich and adventurous life. STRONG SUPPORTING


RISING WOLF: MALE, 25-35 yrs old, NATIVE AMERICAN. (Experience with horses/riding horses preferred) A Cheyenne Indian who forges a strong friendship with Montford. Rising Wolf is loyal, brave, and honest. He’s a good father who always puts his tribe before himself. STRONG SUPPORTING

LT. RICHARD PRATT: MALE, 45-55 yrs old, CAUCASIAN. Lt. Pratt is a reflection of the official U.S. Army and U.S. Government belief that the “wild Indians of the plains must be civilized” for the good of the Indians and the country, so that is his mission and he will fulfill his duty. However misguided, he truly believes that what he is doing is for everyone’s benefit, including the Indians. So, being the ideal Army officer, he does exactly what he’s told, but he does so without malice or vengeance against the Indians, unlike so many of his fellow officers. STRONG SUPPORTING

HOLDEN: MALE, 45-50 yrs old, CAUCASIAN. (Experience with horses/riding horses strongly preferred) He is a large man with an intimidating look. Holden is a giant psychopath who lives in the wild. He is essentially an animal in human form -- he makes his living by selling human scalps to the Mexican government. STRONG SUPPORTING

ADELAIDE CAMPBELL: FEMALE, 25-35 yrs old, NATIVE AMERICAN. Wife of Michael Campbell and sister to Montford, She’s a good mother, hard worker, and loves time with family.  SUPPORTING

CAPTAIN MICHAEL CAMPBELL: MALE, 23-28 yrs old, CAUCASIAN. (Experience with horses/riding horses strongly preferred) He is Mary Elizabeth’s brother and Montford’s brother-in-law. Michael is a born fighter. His dashing good looks and bravery is what attracted Adelaide to him, but it’s also what got him killed at a very young age. SMALL SUPPORTING

CLARENCE “CHUB” MOORE: MALE, 30-35 yrs old, NATIVE AMERICAN. “Chub” Moore is Montford’s cousin. He is a happy, over-eager, well intentioned, rounded, Chickasaw. He is a man who loves his family and his food.  An easy-going, humorous man, his nickname “Chub” reflects him in every way. Chub is also an incredible cook, and can make a meal out of a cactus and some weeds. SUPPORTING

JOE CARLTON: MALE, 60’s, NATIVE AMERICAN. He is a weathered old timer who has lived a modest life in the area near Montford’s land. His worn-out body has slowed him down and he struggles to keep up with the workload of his ranch. SMALL SUPPORTING

CHIEF TEN BEARS: MALE, 65-70 yrs old, NATIVE AMERICAN. He is a legendary Comanche chief whose permission Montford needs to run his cattle through Comanche land. SMALL SUPPORTING


REBEKAH JOHNSON: FEMALE, 23-28 yrs old, CAUCASIAN/NATIVE AMERICAN (mixed race). She is Montford’s and Adelaide’s Chickasaw-Scottish mother.  Sickness has ravaged her body transforming the once strong and vibrant woman into a pale and weak shadow of her former self. Yet even as her body fades into death, she says words of love to her children, sharing an amusing story with them to quiet their fears, and reminds them of their proud Chickasaw heritage. ONE SCENE

12-YR OLD EDWARD BRYANT JOHNSON: MALE, 12-13 yrs old, NATIVE AMERICAN/CAUCASIAN (mixed race).(Experience with horses/riding horses strongly preferred) He is Montford and Elizabeth’s son. He looks up to his father, who is his hero, with great respect and admiration. SUPPORTING

4-YR OLD EDWARD BRYANT JOHNSON: MALE, 4-6 yrs old, NATIVE AMERICAN/CAUCASIAN (mixed race). He is Montford and Elizabeth’s son. (4-6 years old). He looks up to his father, who is his hero. SUPPORTING

YOUNG MONTFORD: MALE, 6-7 yrs old, NATIVE AMERICAN/CAUCASIAN (mixed race). He is the young version of our main lead character, Montford Johnson. SMALL SUPPORTING

YOUNG ADELAIDE: FEMALE, 8-9 yrs old, NATIVE AMERICAN/CAUCASIAN (mixed race). She is the young version of Adelaide Johnson, Montford’s older sister. SMALL SUPPORTING


YOUNG RISING WOLF: MALE, 13 yrs old, NATIVE AMERICAN. (Experience with horses/riding horses strongly preferred) Full-blooded Cheyenne, strong and skilled, you can see a glimpse of the warrior he will become even at this young age. He rescues Young Montford when he falls into a ditch and quickly begins sinking into quicksand. ONE SCENE

TOM HANNAH: MALE, 40’s, CAUCASIAN. A resident of St. Augustine, he is heavy-set with an air of the Old South. SMALL SUPPORTING

SENATOR GARLAND: MALE, 60’s, CAUCASIAN. Senator Augustus Hill Garland is a distinguished 19th century gentleman, dressed in the best suit and tall top hat. A man of authority but who doesn’t flaunt his power, unless when necessary to right a wrong. ONE SCENE

CATHOLIC PRIEST: MALE, 50-60 yrs old, CAUCASIAN. He is the priest who performs the marriage ceremony for Montford and Mary Elizabeth. ONE SCENE

COWBOYS (multiple roles): MALE, 25-40 yrs old, AFRICAN AMERICAN, NATIVE AMERICAN. (MUST have strong experience with horses/riding horses) They are the cowboys who work with Montford to gather and move the cattle across the rough terrain. 

ARMY SOLDIERS (multiple roles): MALE, 25-40 yrs old, CAUCASIAN, AFRICAN AMERICAN. (MUST have strong experience with horses/riding horses) These are various soldiers who serve alongside Sgt. Richter and Lt. Pratt. 


CULVER CITY, CA:  March 18, 2017, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Beverly Holloway Casting, 5721 W. Slauson Ave., Suite 110

Culver  City, CA 90230

TEMECULA, CAMarch 26, 2017, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

SpringHill Suites Temecula Valley, 28220 Jefferson Ave.

Temecula, CA 92590

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKApril 1, 2017, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Remington Park, One Remington Place

Oklahoma City, OK

ADA, OKApril 2, 2017, 11:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Chickasaw Nation Department of Housing Office Building,

111 Rosedale Road, Ada, OK

DALLAS / GRAND PRAIRIE, TXApril 8, 2017, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Lone Star Park, 1000 Lone Star Parkway

Grand Prairie, TX​

TULSA, OKApril 22, 2017, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, 777 W Cherokee St.

Catoosa, OK 74015


Character List / Audition Scenes

Below is a list of open roles, and buttons to download the audition scenes for each role. Review the list and if there is a role you think is a fit for you, please download the audition scene, use it for your preparation, and then bring it with you to the audition. Also bring a headshot (or photo) and acting resume (if you have one - if not, no worries).

​Check In
Upon arriving, follow signs to the check-in desk where staff will answer basic questions about the audition process and provide some paperwork to complete,
Time Management
We will do our very best to keep the audition running smoothly. Please be prepared to allow time for check in and filling out paperwork, and please plan enough travel time to navigate an unfamiliar place.
The Audition Room
The audition will be run by casting staff. As you enter the audition room we will greet you and ask you to introduce yourself. You will be asked to read the scene provided for the role you selected (we will have someone to read the other characters in the scene) and your audition will be videotaped. The audition will take 2-3 minutes.
Closed Auditions
We do not allow anyone into the audition room who is not auditioning. We understand the important role the support of friends and family play in every performer's life, but the audition is one place you must go on your own. Friends/Family will be asked to wait in the holding area of the audition venue.​ (EXCEPTION: For young performers under 8 yrs. of age, an adult may accompany the young performer into the audition room if they are not comfortable being alone.